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The Country Ham

DQ was the “A” Flight Commander at ’38 PIT when I was the Chief of Check Section.  I liked DQ.  He was (somewhat) an ‘intense’ individual, hardly ever smiling.  In addition he could be quite “sharp”upon occasion.  But hey, he … Continue reading

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I Got to ‘Put My Hands Under Mike Webster’s Butt!’

In the early 2000’s I was honored to speak at an Air Force Flight Surgeon’s Course at Brooks AFB, TX.  The topic of my presentation was, “How do pilots hide their drinking from Flight Surgeons.”  (Spoiler Alert:  We lie to … Continue reading

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WW Fog…

We had a UPT student at Vance, Class 76-09, named “W.W. Fog” – good kid.  One day in the flight room he answered the phone in a smart, military fashion as he had been taught.  After a short pause he … Continue reading

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Over the past 18 months, or so, I have been remiss in writing.  There has been SO MUCH that has transpired.  I met a wonderful woman, began an exciting courtship, bought an RV, began a MAJOR home renovation, got married … Continue reading

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A Promise Kept….

Just after I got sober in 1994, I made a promise to myself – to one day return to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico – to the church I was confirmed in.  From the summer of 1957 to the summer of … Continue reading

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Military Brats Proclamation, Rough Draft

WHEREAS:  There are over 15,000,000 current and former “military children” living in the United States today; and WHEREAS:  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “brats” as 1. a: an ill-mannered annoying child and/or b: an ill-mannered immature person <a spoiled brat>, it goes … Continue reading

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Military Brat Proclamation Letter, 2

(Written 5 Jan 2015) Good Afternoon Ms. Kuhn, A couple-3 weeks ago I sent an email to you inquiring about the possibility of a “Proclamation” from the Village of Whitehouse acknowledging Military Kids as “Military Brats.”  Since that email we … Continue reading

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Military Brat Proclamation Letter, 1

(Written 3 December 2014) Good Morning Mayor Kuhn, My name is Bob Holliker.  I am writing to propose that the Village of Whitehouse pass a Resolution to recognize the sacrifices and service of Military Children – of Military “Brats” to … Continue reading

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Whining About Shoeclerks

Shoeclerks:  Essentially ‘non-flying folks’ who are put in jobs to hinder, harass and annoy pilots.  For the most part these folks sit behind nice gray steel desks, creating empires.  We encounter them at Personnel, Finance, Weather, Intelligence, etc.  When these … Continue reading

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Would You Happen to Have a Magazine?

I was the Flight Commander of “B” Flight, the ‘Beavers,’ in the 560th FTS in the Fall of 1982.  My Assistant Flight Commander, Capt. Dave F., and his wife decided to host a “house-warming” party one Friday night.  Their house … Continue reading

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