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I learned a ‘first hand’ lesson on leadership while serving as the Investigator on a T-38A aircraft accident board in January 1979. A T-38 had crashed at Ellsworth AFB, ND and I was appointed as the Investigator. Typically on a … Continue reading

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“Oh, I Dropped the Little Bastard!”

We were ‘night flying’ one night when I was in UPT. Everything was going fine that night until a classmate reported that he only had ‘2 Green’ vs. “3 Green,” with his Gear Check. We needed ‘3 Green’ to be … Continue reading

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Two Review Rides, and Turn in a New Map

One afternoon this student, from another flight, returned to the flight room after taking his Nav Check. He had failed it. I didn’t learn of it until later when his flight commander was discussing the issue with our section commander. … Continue reading

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Because somewhere in me is still the little boy ~ who wants to kick the can down the road, ~ and write on walls, ~ and hitch rides on the tailgates of trucks~ ~ and look up to stare at … Continue reading

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Teaching A Lesson in Humility

After a check ride one day, this young lieutenant we had in “O” Flight, came back to the flight room, bitching about a couple grades he had received on specific maneuvers. I listened to him “hold court” in the corner … Continue reading

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Toledo Airshow – 2019

Last weekend we had an Airshow here in Toledo, OH. A good part of the planning fell to my daughter-in-law in her capacity as member of the Toledo ANG Public Affairs office out at the base. She, in turn, enlisted … Continue reading

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Tribute: Wayne Boyd Petersen

I met ‘Petey’ in 1974 when we were both assigned to the 56 ARRS (Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron) at Korea RTAFB, Thailand. We became friends right away. Pete had come to the squadron from Hawaii where he was a … Continue reading

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I am currently 72 and have had a great life. I haven’t done it on my own, by any means. I have always sensed that God has been with me – every step of the way. I came across this … Continue reading

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“…Take the Bus!”

Just after I upgraded to IP (instructor pilot) in the HC-130 I would be assigned to fly 4-hour ‘locals’ with various pilots requiring currency and the like. Often we would take off and fly to one of several other bases … Continue reading

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King 21: 12 July 1974

In December 1973 I reported to the 56th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron (ARRS) at Korat RTAFB, Thailand. I was assigned as an Aircraft Commander (AC) in the HC-130. Our primary mission was “Combat Rescue.” The Vietnam War was “essentially” … Continue reading

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