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The Program for the Nurnberg Trials…

A couple-3 weeks ago I was rummaging through an old footlocker of my Dad’s when I found this gem: It contains the description of 22 German/Nazi defendants. I remember my Dad telling me about attending the trials, and actually seen … Continue reading

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A few years ago I was visiting my old Air Force ROTC detachment, Det. 620 at Bowling Green State University (OH). I met a Lt. Col. who told me that she had flown helicopters, in Keflavik, Iceland while assigned to … Continue reading

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When we graded UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) students after a ride there was always a block called “Judgement” on the grade sheet ‘Judgement’ was a graded item in all the different phases of training: contact, formation, nav and instruments. The … Continue reading

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The ‘Mexican Standoff’ in New Hampshire

In 1977 Col. Wilson C. Cooney was assigned to Vance AFB, OK as our Director of Operations (DO). As he was settling in to the operations he wanted to visit our ACE* (Accelerated Copilot Enrichment) bases. I was a T-38 … Continue reading

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I just received notification of the passing of Colonel Tom Ardern, USAF/Ret. I met Tom when he came to “O” Flight at Vance AFB, OK in Oct 1977. I was his Flight Commander for about 6 weeks before moving on … Continue reading

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This is an “RSU,” a Runway Supervisory Unit: They typically sit at the approach ends of runways at Air Force pilot training bases. During student training operations they are usually manned by a crew of 4: a Senior Controller, an … Continue reading

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I Sell Laxatives Too…

I happened in to my barber’s this morning and Tom shared a great story with me; too good for me not to share! It seems a while back this guy owned a drug store in Bowling Green, Oh, near the … Continue reading

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“Two, stop hitting Lead…”

One day “PF” was the IP on a student two-ship (T-38s) training flight. The pilot on his wing was a solo student pilot. At some point during the mission, PF checked in on the SOF (Supervisor of Flying) frequency, callsign … Continue reading

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“PF” was an IP who worked for me when I was the Chief of Check Section in the 560th FTS (Flying Training Squadron, T-38s). He was a good IP, and I liked him well enough. But PF was a talker! … Continue reading

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In 1978 I was the Chief of Safety at Vance AFB, OK. One morning we received a call from the Command Post telling us that one of our T-37s (Tweets) had crashed. My first concern was for the condition of … Continue reading

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