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Flying With Iranians…

In the late ’70’s, we received 29 Iranians at Vance AFB, OK for pilot training.  In preparation for these guys we had a 3-4 hour briefing on their (Muslim) customs from the State Department. (In retrospect, one of the best … Continue reading

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WW Fog…

We had a UPT student at Vance, Class 76-09, named “W.W. Fog” – good kid.  One day in the flight room he answered the phone in a smart, military fashion as he had been taught.  After a short pause he … Continue reading

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Whining About Shoeclerks

Shoeclerks:  Essentially ‘non-flying folks’ who are put in jobs to hinder, harass and annoy pilots.  For the most part these folks sit behind nice gray steel desks, creating empires.  We encounter them at Personnel, Finance, Weather, Intelligence, etc.  When these … Continue reading

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Echelon, You Hockey Puck!

This is an “Echelon” formation:   It is used primarily at low level, to maneuver around the traffic pattern and so forth.  It is characterized with all the aircraft in the formation being on the same side as opposed to … Continue reading

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No Jim, You’re Not Screwed Up…

After I wrote about our Christmas 4-ship last week I received the following reply from Jim N. “Yes it seems like only yesterday…but I checked the calendar and it says no.  Hey, it’s important to see the other 3 guys … Continue reading

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The Bullshit Flag

This is ‘a’ Bullshit Flag.  There are several versions ‘out there,’ but this one will suffice for my blog.  I will ‘throw it’ on future posts when I decide something or another is “bullshit.”  “And what gives me the authority,” you might … Continue reading

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Vetting Air Force Officers

I can only speak to the ‘vetting’ of Air Force officers from the the period I was on active duty, 1968 – 1988. From the moment I entered active duty I was continually being vetted for command.  That’s they very … Continue reading

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A Watcher of Jets…

I have always been “a watcher of jets.”  It began when I was a very young kid at Selfridge AFB, MI in 1950 or so.  Just can’t help it… I have to look up, even though I usually know what … Continue reading

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The Inspiration to be an Air Force Pilot

  Alan was my ‘roomie’ at Korat, Thailand in 1974.  Another one of the blessings in my life has been his friendship over these many years.  The other day he sent an email to me, explaining how he became inspired … Continue reading

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Sarcasm, Cynicism and Beer can, Save Lives

In 1985 I was the Chief of Standardization (Stan/Eval), 12th Flying Training Wing (FTW), Randolph AFB, TX.  That Spring the fine folks at HQ ATC decided to have a 2-day “risk assessment” conference at Randolph.  Swell.  The project officer was … Continue reading

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