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Would You Like to See the Pictures?

(There are some stories I hear that are just too good not to include here.  This is another of them.) Joe called just before Christmas and we got to talking about his 2 daughters.  They are both adopted, from China.  … Continue reading

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Supporting the Cops

When I came out of the grocery store yesterday I saw a Monclova Township Deputy Sheriff sitting in his cruiser next to me.  His passenger side window was cracked about 2 inches or so.  Man, I could not resist this … Continue reading

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The Snow Maze

Last year (2013) we had a winter something like we used to have when I was a kid (1964 – ’68).  I don’t know what the “official” snowfall was, suffice to say, a lot.  Toward the end of the season … Continue reading

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And What Did He Tell You That Means?

I was standing at the cockpit door one afternoon after landing in Detroit, handing out “Bye-nows” – kind of bored with it all.  The deplaning line came to a stop and there was this black kid standing next to me.  … Continue reading

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The Smart Watch…

A Fighter Pilot pilot walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman. He gives her a quick glance then casually looks at his watch for a moment. The woman notices this and asks, “Is … Continue reading

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Footprints on the Pavement…

…as opposed to, ‘in the Sand.’ I was walking over to the school the boys (grandsons) attend when I felt my Crocs get a little ‘loosey-goosey’ on the pavement.  So I turned around only to discover my footprints were following … Continue reading

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Bored at the Airport?

Ever have a 3-4-5 hour ‘lay-over’ at an airport, with nothing to do?  Try this. Head over to the ‘Community Service Phone,’ and page yourself to a certain gate.  Example: “Could you ask Bob Holliker to come to Gate 63, … Continue reading

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Oh, I Don’t Have Anywhere to Be…

How many times, in phone conversations, when the person you’re talking with says, “Well, I will let you go now…?”  Interesting way we leave the conversation sometimes, isn’t it? Today, when someone says this to me, I typically reply, “Oh, … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think LaQuisha is with AT&T and Longer…

Maybe 10 – 12 years ago I was installing a new ceiling in my family room one morning.  I had decided to use barn siding; tongue-and-groove pine boards.  I was making good progress and enjoying a beer or two, or … Continue reading

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One Rod, or Two?

And so I decided I would buy the boys, Noah (6) and Evan (4) each a cane fishing pole, and teach hem how to fish. There’s a great little fishing tackle store in Maumee, OH about 8-10 miles from me. … Continue reading

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