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When They Take Away Your ID Card…

“The worst thing about being a military brat is, not being a military brat anymore.  When they take away your ID card, they take away your life.  Everything you’ve known. Everything that is security to you.” Marc Curtis(Marc Curtis runs … Continue reading

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The “Carn’s” Final Flight

As a Flight Commander, a couple things I focused on were; e’spirit de corps and heritage.  I felt an obligation to ‘those who went before us,’ to infuse these concepts into ‘the new kids.’  One of the techniques I used … Continue reading

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“Click-click,” Time for a Beer…

The mic (microphone) button in the T-38 was located on the inside of the left throttle.  Often, when we flew in formation and wanted to communicate using hand signals between IPs, we would ‘click’ the mic button twice – ‘click-click.’  … Continue reading

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“Switch Hitter”

I discovered a poem a few years ago, written by Dan Quisenberry.  It’s a beautiful poem of baseball, entitled “Switch Hitter.”  I related to it right away; albeit from a different perspective.  I related to it from my experience in … Continue reading

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There’s a new Toby Keith song, “Clancy’s Tavern,” that I just downloaded.  Probably best I not listen to it very much…   The words really resonate deep within me.  I can “feel” that of which he sings; I have experienced … Continue reading

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“Is that Legal, Bob”

As I was going through T-38 PIT the second time, Jul – Nov ’82, I had a flight with the squadron commander; our resident “Reg Reader.”  I don’t know if I would rank him up there with the most motivational … Continue reading

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Air Force Regulations and manuals (now ‘Operating Instructions,’ soon to be ‘Suggestions’), spelled out ‘the letter of the law’ when it came to day-to-day operations.  Mentors on the other hand, told us ‘how the cow eats the cabbage.’  I was … Continue reading

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“God’s Own Lunatics”

This always causes me ‘pause’…

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“He wants to talk to any student…”

One morning the phone rang in the flight room.  2nd Lt. ‘W.W. Fog,’ so named because he was “woxof” most the time, cupped the receiver after answering and announced, “This guy wants to talk to any student.”    What do … Continue reading

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Veterans Day

A couple-3 weeks ago my daughter-in-law asked me if I would like to “submit something,” reflecting on my thoughts on Veterans Day.  Interesting.  So, for what it’s worth… Veterans Day is a very “personal day” for me.  It’s a day … Continue reading

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