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To quote a very dear friend, ‘arthritis’ sucks canal water! Last Dec. I went to my family physician for back pain.  It has been with me for some time now – what, maybe 3-4 years?  I have always thought it … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Fighter Pilots Gone?

This came “off the net.” I took it, and have added my ‘twist.’ Where Have All The Fighter Pilots Gone?  ( Reality) We used to go to the Officers Club or NCO Club Stag Bar on Friday afternoons to drink, smoke … Continue reading

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Kidney Stones..

Okay; ‘kidney stones.’  Yep, had one last Dec.  When I first went to the urologist’s, I had to look twice at the office marquee – at first I thought I had inadvertently stumbled into a conference room at the United … Continue reading

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A Follow-up to, “The Time To Say Goodbye…”

I wrote a post a couple days ago, “The Time to Say Goodbye,” knowing I had a follow-up to publish.  Now it’s that time… I have collected little bits of “wisdom” for many years now.  One that has resonated deep … Continue reading

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Busting Across Seguin…

There are some things I did while flying the ’38 that were almost “not quite legal;” I don’t know why?  Perhaps because I could?  ‘Busting across Seguin’ one day was one of them… I was going somewhere the other day … Continue reading

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The Time to Say Goodbye…

“They” tell us in the ‘Big Book,’ the book of Alcoholics Anonymous, that ‘resentment’ destroys more alcoholics than anything else.  I have some first-hand experience with this – I have harbored, and nurtured ‘resentments’ for years.  And yes, even into … Continue reading

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The Saturday Night Chainsaw Massacre

One night, in October/November 1982, Jim Fowler and his wife held a chili party.  Jim was an exchange officer from Canada.  To add a little more spice to the party, the theme of it was a “pajama party.”  I didn’t … Continue reading

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