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Who Will Tell the Children?

In 1971 Sue and I were stationed at McGuire AFB, NJ.  I didn’t have to fly that Thanksgiving so we decided we would have our first “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner as a family, even though it was just the two of … Continue reading

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Test Pilot School

I was infatuated with all aspects of Air Force flying as a kid.  I watched everything; whenever I saw or heard a jet.  In the late 1950’s, when we were stationed at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, I began to notice … Continue reading

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What More Could I Have Done?

Dear Ole Dad died on 12 Dec. 1992. He had had a stroke in mid-November, and wound up in the VA hospital in San Antonio.  Of course I was told of his stroke, but decided not to go down to … Continue reading

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How Good Was I?

Flying the T-38 was a ball.  I flew it as an IP for the better part of 13 years.   It was a ‘challenging’ airplane to fly, and it took work to be good at it.  To be ‘excellent,’ or … Continue reading

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Probably a good time to introduce you to Jack… I met Jack in January/February 1975, in Vance AFB Pre-PIT.  This was a flight wherein pilots became “requaled” in the T-38 before heading off to Randolph for IP school. Jack was … Continue reading

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Tattoo at The Taj…Awards and Decs

Upon completion of the 1986 Tattoo at the Taj season there were over 250 Achievement Medals awarded. For pilots, you had to have flown in 3 of the 5 programs.  Or performed operational support duties specifically related to the Tattoo … Continue reading

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Tattoo at the Taj…Behind the Scenes

To put on this ceremony required a great deal of timing and precision from the flyers.  I first became aware of this late one Sunday afternoon in early May 1986. At the time I was the Chief of the Stan/Eval … Continue reading

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Tattoo at the Taj….the Program

This is the “Taj.”  It is actually the 12th Flying Training Wing (FTW) Headquarters building at Randolph Field, TX. Besides being the Headquarters, it is also the base water tower.  Clever, huh?  Anyway, it sits in the center of the … Continue reading

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Oh Beauty!

We had these two “Tweet” (T-37) pilots at Vance who were heading over to their auxiliary airfield one morning to set up shop.  We used auxiliary airfields in Air Training Command (ATC) to alleviate high traffic loads at our home … Continue reading

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My Favorite Cartoons – 2

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