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“The Gent”

I have always loved Red Skelton.  I loved him for his humor, his humility and his work as an artist.  Red painted clowns and I knew that one of the first things I was going to buy after my first … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Military Brats” – 5

“I was drafted into the Marine Corps on October 26, 1945, and I served the Corps faithfully and proudly for twenty-one years.  I moved more than twenty times and I attended eleven schools in twelve years.  My job was to … Continue reading

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Current Events – Morons

Law Congress Overwhelmingly Votes to Ban the Word ‘Lunatic’ By Emma O’ConnorDec. 06, 20120 Win McNamee / Getty ImagesU.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) speaks during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol on March 21, 2012 in Washington, DC. Who … Continue reading

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Recovery – Up to Hazelden

Sue took me to De-troit Metro Airport the next day.  I was somewhat scared, in shock, hopeful and whipped.  A lot of emotions raging.  I didn’t want to drink, but I was uneasy as hell… I had been told to … Continue reading

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Flying “Tweets”

The T-37 was our primary jet trainer when I went through UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training). It was built by Cessna, and served its function well as our primary jet trainer, at the time.  It may have been ‘slow,’ (in relative … Continue reading

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The “Blue Room”

One of the things I have been exceptional at in my life is, unintentionally finding bars!  Go figure.  I have done it all my life. In 1964-’65 or so, we had to go down to Wright-Pat AFB, OH for our … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Military Brats” – 4

“Who would have thought we were in the process of creating a brand new culture in America?  Who could have known that our pain and our joy would produce such an extraordinary testament as that produced by those eighty veterans … Continue reading

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