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The ‘Line of Death’

When my grandson Noah comes over, he likes to ride his tricycle in the driveway.  I enjoy watching him go up and back the drive.  Last Fall he was driving out closer and closer to the road.  That is not … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Military Brats” – 7

“I’ve spent my life and my writing career thinking I was southern.  That was only partly true and a tribute to my mother’s fiery sense of belonging to the South.  Because of this book, I know now that I’m something … Continue reading

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More PC

At Randolph AFB, the T-37 and T-38 IPs all wore a patch on our left shoulders signifying the fact that we were Instructor Pilots.  It was a rather simple patch, with not very much sex or violence on it; but … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Military Brats” – 6

“By necessity, I made my own private treaty with rootlessness and spent my whole life trying to fake or invent a sense of place.  Home is a foreign word in my vocabulary and always will be.  At each new base … Continue reading

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