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Well, Duh!

“Multi-Mission T-X?:  The Air Force may want to add another mission for the T-X trainer that Air Education and Training Command wants to replace the T-38, said Lt. Gen. Michael Moeller, who heads the strategic plans and programs office (A8) … Continue reading

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Just Take Me to Jail…

A North Dakota State trooper pulled a car over on the Interstate, a little bit east of the North Dakota/Montana State line. When the trooper asked the driver why he was speeding, the driver said he was a Magician and … Continue reading

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And What Is Your Expression for Getting Drunk?

Ever thought about all the various expressions we hear for ‘getting drunk?’  Think about them… An exercise I use in my lectures is to ask folks how they express ‘getting drunk’ themselves.  Not necessarily after a night of “having a … Continue reading

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LaQuinta Inn?

Ever wonder what ‘LaQuinta’ means in Spanish? ‘Next to Denney’s,’ of course….

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The Swiss Family Holliker: Journey to America, Certificate of Baptism

This is a copy of Johannes Holliger’s Certificate of Baptism. (My cousin Neil Holliker) has the original today. The first thing to notice are the fold marks.  It looks like it just came out of his pocket! The Header is: … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Military Brats” – 14

“I brought so few gifts to the task of being a military brat.  You learn who you are by testing and measuring yourself against your friends you grow up with.  The military brat lacks those young, fixed critics who form … Continue reading

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The Swiss Family Holliker: Journey to America

While visiting Switzerland, I asked Max, “How would Johannes have come to America?” Max lives in Still, Switzerland, about 2 miles from Rein (where Johannes lived – go figure!).  His house actually sits on the Aare River. This is Max … Continue reading

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Boiled Eggs

I saw this on FaceBook this morning: What a great idea! I have between 13 – 14 hens out back.  Not sure as they move around too much when I try to count them.  Anyway, right now I have about … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Military Brats” – 13

“This is my paradox.  Because of my military life, I’m a stranger everywhere, and a stranger nowhere.  I can engage anyone in a conversation, become well-liked in a matter of seconds, yet there is always a distance I can never … Continue reading

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Harry’s Neighbor

Harry has a neighbor who is “none too bright.”  I have met him, and I would think describing him as “half-bright” sometimes would be a “stretch.”  But he treats Harry well, so Harry ‘tolerates’ him.  With all his incessant whining … Continue reading

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