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The Cockpit

The Cockpit The cockpit was my office.  It was a place where I experienced many emotions and learned many lessons.  It was a place of work and also a keeper of dreams.  It was a place of deadly serious encounters, … Continue reading

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Who Are the Loonies?

Years ago in America, we used to have ‘state hospitals’ for the “mentally impaired.”  These were institutions for folks who had gone “around the bend,” for “loonies,” the “mentally insane” and yes, “morons.” In many cases the conditions in these … Continue reading

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A Foot on the Desk

Who is the dumb ass with his foot on the desk in the Oval Office? Oh wait, that’s Barry… never mind.  

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Sending Dear Ole Dad Downtown

There was NO WAY I could ‘take on’ Dear Ole Dad when I was a senior in high school.  He was just too big and too mean and too nasty.  And by that time I had taken so many poundings … Continue reading

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My Two Beautiful Grand Daughters

Last Sunday (29/09/2013) I flew out to Colorado to visit with my grand daughters; Delaney (14) and Riley (13).  Riley was having her last volleyball game on Monday, and I wanted to see her play. I asked Dana to keep … Continue reading

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