Internet Banking With PNC Bank

I opened a ‘business account’ last week with PNC Bank.  Gawd, I will never do that again…

Yesterday, as I went to log in, I inadvertently entered the wrong password.  Then, for some reason or another, I did it again.  And because I had nothing else to do yesterday, just for sport, I re-entered yet another erroneous password – and that’s when PNC Bank locked me out!  Let me tell you; getting nailed to a cross is less painful than being locked out of a PNC internet banking account!

First I call the number they provided for dumb shits like me.  After Round 1 of “Stump the Dummy” with the answering page (confirming that I did indeed, want to continue in English) I was put in touch with a pleasant-enough woman.  And then it began, Round 2!

First she wanted to know my name.  Then my account number.  Then my EIN (the business tax number).  After that she asked for the street address of the bank I opened the account with.  YGBSM!  The street address?  At this I began balking?  The street address?

“Well Sir,” she explained, “it’s for your own protection!”  Oh please!  However, here is where I saw “opportunity!”  I then told her, “Hey, hold on, I think I can get it.”

So, I grabbed my keys and headed out to my truck, talking with her all the time.  I then started the engine, and she asked, “Are you in your car?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “I don’t have their address, but I know where they are – so I thought I would just drive up town and just have look at the street sign!”  That’s when she gave me a ‘pass,’ so I went back inside.  Guess I made my point…

She then began leading me through the reset process only to end up on a page that told me that I didn’t have “reset permission” with my account!  YGBSM!  So, she gave me the option to call another number, or to be put on hold for the next customer associate who worked in the reset area.  I opted for “Door Number 2,” thinking I could skip another round of “Stump the Dummy” with PNC.  Stupid me!

Again, after authenticating myself, I explained why I was talking with him, and he then told me that because I wasn’t authorized to reset my password on line, he would have to send the application to me through the mail.  I then would have to take it into the bank.  Give me a break!

Both customer services agents continually told me they were “sorry,” but it rang hollow.  I told them that I suspected they were about as sorry as I was for the adverse weather I had to apologize for when I flew for Northwest Airlines!

So this morning I am unable to log onto my business account, but it is secure!  I can’t use the damn thing – but I suppose I should be grateful for PNC looking out for my best interests.  Crap!

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