The “Boner” Board

When we went through UPT, they had “Boner Boards” in each of the Flight Rooms. A “boner” was a “screw-up,” typically called by an IP. Each “Boner” carried a $0.25 value and was collected by the IPs. The collection was then used to buy the beer for some function or another (night flying, graduation, whatever).

The boards were constructed with a Playboy Playmate picture under a piece of plexiglass, covered by a solid laminated material of some kind.. Our names were then listed in the first column on the left side of the board. To the right of our names were 1-inch squares. When you were ‘awarded’ a ‘boner’ (or 2, or 3, etc), you dropped the money in a can, and peeled away 2,3,4 squares – revealing a small part of the playmate.

With our class there was no shortage of funds for the beer…

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