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“Boomer” was our Class Commander in UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training).  Probably, kind of thought of as our “Den Mother.”  In this capacity he was responsible for all the ‘administrative things’ that came our way.  He was also responsible for kicking … Continue reading

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Flying “Tweets”

The T-37 was our primary jet trainer when I went through UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training). It was built by Cessna, and served its function well as our primary jet trainer, at the time.  It may have been ‘slow,’ (in relative … Continue reading

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UPT Student Critiques

As students finished up they were offered the opportunity to submit Flight Line Critiques.  I took over “O” Flight in the 25th FTS in Feb ’76.  The class we had at the time was about a third of the way … Continue reading

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Perspective: UPT Operations

When I went through UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) in 1970/71, we had 11 pilot training bases.  In the late ’60’s, early ’70’s, we were producing around 2,500 pilots per year.  With a “wash-out” rate of nearly 50%, that meant taking … Continue reading

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I hadn’t heard of”K2B’s” either, until I entered pilot training in 1970.  This was the designation of our flight suits at the time.  They were sage green, made of poplin; lightweight and comfortable. These K2Bs weren’t the most ‘stylish,’ but … Continue reading

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Flight Pay

I have often said, “I didn’t join the Air Force to get rich, and they saw to it that I didn’t!”  LOL… Early in my flying career our flight pay was $400 per month.  Okay, file this for a second, … Continue reading

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In early ’76, Lt. Col. Dick Hansen reported to the squadron (25thFTS) as our new commander.  Dick was an ‘energetic’ individual; always with a big smile and an ‘upbeat’ demeanor.  Upbeat to where it was contagious.  Refreshing. One of the … Continue reading

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“Que Est Non Pilatus, Est Non Faex”

This expression, “Que Est Non Pilatus Est Non Faex,” loosely translated, was said to mean: “If you ain’t a pilot, you ain’t shit.”  It used to hang on a sign that spanned the entrances between the 8th Flying Training Squadron … Continue reading

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My Trip to Denmark – 41 Years Later…

Our UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) Class, 71-07G, graduated at Randolph Field, TX on 24 April 1971.  One of our classmates, Chris Knudsen, was from Denmark.  At the graduation reception Chris invited me to come and visit Denmark.  I knew I … Continue reading

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“Persons to Be Decorated…”

We were flying our asses off in the summer of ’76, and it was hot at Vance AFB, OK that year.  But it was fun!  Little did we know how much fun it really was… One day General John Roberts, … Continue reading

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