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The B-47

This is a B-47, on take-off: I first saw them fly at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ (Tucson.)  They were loud and smokey, even without the JATO (jet assisted take off) bottles. While the B-47 takeoff is impressive, I would have liked … Continue reading

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“…Back on, at FL 430…”

In the late ’70’s we were experiencing a high T-38 engine flame-out incident rate – higher than normal.  (Essentially a ‘flame-out’ is when a jet engine quits, for one of many reasons.)  When we looked at the data, we saw … Continue reading

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“Persent – Arms!” …or, Putters!

In 1978 MGen. Ralph S. Saunders, Commander, Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service, came to Vance AFB to speak at a student graduation.  I had met General Saunders in 1974 when I was in the 56th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron … Continue reading

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“I’ve Never Met A Dead Man Before…”

I labeled my first three students I had at Vance as ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”  Looking back now,  some 35+ years later, that pretty-well sums it up. Lloyd was “the Good,” and he damn-near killed us a … Continue reading

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“Sir, Were You a ’38 IP…?”

I was walking through the Minneapolis Airport one day when this guy came up and asked, “Sir, were you a ’38 IP (T-38 Instructor Pilot) at Randolph?” I didn’t recognize him at all, but replied, “Yeah, for six years or … Continue reading

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Flipping Off Pete…

One afternoon the squadron commander asked me to come into his office after I got down from a flight.  I was the Operations Officer at the time; the number 2 guy in the squadron. “Why are you pissed off at … Continue reading

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I have a pair of book ends in my house that were given to me as a ‘going away’ gift in June 1980.  They are made from a set of T-38A main landing gear tires. Is there a ‘story’ behind … Continue reading

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We had a gal show up in the Squadron (560th FTS) sometime in the mid-80s.  She was somewhat of a ‘ball of fire.’  Young, capable, a good pilot, self-motivated, personable – she was a delightful additional to our unit. One … Continue reading

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“Persons to Be Decorated…”

We were flying our asses off in the summer of ’76, and it was hot at Vance AFB, OK that year.  But it was fun!  Little did we know how much fun it really was… One day General John Roberts, … Continue reading

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Things like this are just heartbreaking to me… This is a ‘Randolph jet,’ a T-38A.  I actually flew this very jet; the last time being 9 Sept. 1987.  And now it sits in the “Boneyard;” at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ – … Continue reading

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