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Be Alert…

I walked into “M” Flight (T-38s at Vance) one morning and saw this on one of the blackboards: Be Alert We need more ‘Lerts’ I stood there for a moment, completely taken aback by it.  The students came and went, … Continue reading

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Measuring Cups on the Tree?

In early December 1998 I set up to build my annual Christmas cookies.  Lebkuchen cookies.  My grandmother made them for years, then the task fell to Mom.  They are really labor-intensive to make, taking all day.  But well worth it, … Continue reading

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I Used to Think I Was…

You’ve lived to be 66, and you think you just might know who you are…. A former Air Force pilot came into town one morning in a tattered old flight jacket.  He sat down in a booth at his favorite … Continue reading

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The Holidays

As we enter “the Holidays,” – Thanksgiving and Christmas – it gives me pause for reflection… First of all, I am not (at all) caught up in the commercial hype.  I don’t give a shit about “Black Friday,” great deals … Continue reading

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Woke up this morning, around 0105 – laughing my ass off!  I had been dreaming about flying a T-38A at Vance AFB, OK… The ‘essence’ of the dream was that Marty and I were at Vance, and decided to take … Continue reading

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Wink, TX

UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) used to be 52 weeks long.  I entered UPT on 24 April 1970.  It’s amazing – some of the minutia I remember from pilot training.  Minutia that has served me well… like, where Wink, Texas is. … Continue reading

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A Going-Away Gift for Grady…

I think one of the most coveted jobs in a flying squadron is the Operations Officer job – the Number 2 guy.  The “Bad Cop,” of the “Good Cop – Bad Cop” scenario.  If you saw the movie “Top Bullshit” … Continue reading

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“Well Lloyd, Let’s See What Happens…”

I was flying a ‘contact’ ride one day with 2Lt. Lloyd B.  A ‘contact’ ride is a ride wherein we practice aerobatics and landings as well as ‘unusual attitude’ recoveries.  This ride was toward the end of Lloyd’s training and … Continue reading

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The End of Two Potential Careers…

I think I have always had ‘farming’ in my blood, although I have never farmed, per se.  My ancestors were farmers here in Whitehouse.  I do enjoy gardening, and landscaping – anything associated with Mother Earth! When we lived in … Continue reading

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Uncle Bob: “Did You Buy a Cheap One, Mable?”

Uncle Bob owned and operated a meat processing plant in Lebanon, Oregon.  He also had a smokehouse out back.  On occasion, folks would bring their own meats over for Uncle Bob to smoke – he didn’t mind, and was glad … Continue reading

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