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The Fitting…

A couple years ago we had a ‘mini-reunion’ (on my Mom’s side of the family, the Garrisons), here in Ohio.  Mom was born in Lebanon, Ohio and raised on a few farms in the area.  Her father, Dudley, lost his … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Bedrooms…

I used to tell folks that a ‘moron’ built my house, then it occurred to me that another ‘moron’ bought it, in 1991!  Ahhhh… After I bought this house, I began right away to transform it into a “home.”  I … Continue reading

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“What Difference Does It Make?”

(To my grand children:  I don’t know if I will be around by the time you read this, and are able to understand it, for what it is.  Be that as it is, last week there were Congressional hearings on … Continue reading

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Snow Alligators, and Flying Giraffes…

“So, I thought I was pretty aware of dangerous things in and around us here in Toledo, however on the way to take Noah to school, he told me that I had to watch out for “Snow Alligators!”  Apparently, they … Continue reading

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AA: “The Troop Who Rides One In”

The Troop Who Rides One In “We should all bear one thing in mind when we talk about a troop who rode one in. He called upon the sum of all his knowledge and judgement. He believed in it so … Continue reading

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A View from the Back Seat

I had a great T-38 IP (instructor pilot) in pilot training – Capt. Rick Vaile.  One day I asked him if he would take my picture on final, from the back seat.  It was towards the end of the program; … Continue reading

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I hadn’t heard of”K2B’s” either, until I entered pilot training in 1970.  This was the designation of our flight suits at the time.  They were sage green, made of poplin; lightweight and comfortable. These K2Bs weren’t the most ‘stylish,’ but … Continue reading

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“…Back on, at FL 430…”

In the late ’70’s we were experiencing a high T-38 engine flame-out incident rate – higher than normal.  (Essentially a ‘flame-out’ is when a jet engine quits, for one of many reasons.)  When we looked at the data, we saw … Continue reading

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Observation: Flying Fast Movers

You can’t fly a high-performance jet with a low-performance attitude…  

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Observation: The Difference Between a Fairy Tale, and a War Story…

A Fairy Tale begins with: “Once upon a time…” and, a War Story begins with: “Now this ain’t no bullshit…”  

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