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Texas Bluebonnets

I have always loved Texas bluebonnets.  Along side their highways and in the Hill Country – they hardly ever seem to not capture my attention.   I seem to miss them this time of year more than any other – … Continue reading

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Finding the Father

I was out in Albuquerque last month and came across this painting. I must have stared at it for 30 minutes or so, while standing there in the gallery.  It just spoke to me; so much symbolism for me. What … Continue reading

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I Wonder Why…

…they find this, Controversial but Necessary   A recently released Air Force Office of Special Investigations report found that the use of Air Force Academy cadets as confidential informants was a “controversial” but “necessary” investigative tool. The report noted that a “lack of … Continue reading

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Sarcasm, Cynicism and Beer can, Save Lives

In 1985 I was the Chief of Standardization (Stan/Eval), 12th Flying Training Wing (FTW), Randolph AFB, TX.  That Spring the fine folks at HQ ATC decided to have a 2-day “risk assessment” conference at Randolph.  Swell.  The project officer was … Continue reading

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“Heavenly Lots” for Sale

When Mom passed I inherited 6 cemetery lots in the Whitehouse Cemetery.  My grandfather originally bought them in the mid ’50s.  I really have no need for them so I decided to sell them. For years I have had them … Continue reading

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I was out in the shop this morning, assembling new bee hives. I ‘got into’ bees a couple years ago, at Harry’s urging.  Harry was my friend, who died last year.  As I was working out in the shop this … Continue reading

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To All My Pilot Friends, Wherever You Are…

As we get older and we experience the loss of old friends, we begin to realize that maybe we ‘bullet proof’ Pilots won’t live forever, not so bullet proof anymore.  We ponder…if I were gone tomorrow did I say what I … Continue reading

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A Note From My Mom

I woke up a bit congested this morning, so I took a “fed” of some kind – a sudafed, actifed, whatever.  Seems to have worked.  The “feds” usually do work well with me, if I catch the cold early enough… … Continue reading

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“As you trod out in the morning….”

I stumbled across Waddy Mitchell and Don Edwards here a few years ago and instantly became a ‘fan.’  This piece below, “Commuting,” really grabbed me.  It’s not a stretch for me to sit back, close my eyes and find myself … Continue reading

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