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The Rise of Bullies

This is an AT&T commercial currently running on TV (May 2014), and I find it very offensive.  But I also think it speaks very loud to the rise of bullies in America these days. The “man” depicted is truly a … Continue reading

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The Little Coincidences…

Last April (2014) I was visiting Bill and Fran Ferrier in San Antonio when Bill pulled out his Air Force Pilot’s Flying Log Book to show me a trip that we took when we were flying T-38s at Randolph.  I … Continue reading

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Oh, I Don’t Have Anywhere to Be…

How many times, in phone conversations, when the person you’re talking with says, “Well, I will let you go now…?”  Interesting way we leave the conversation sometimes, isn’t it? Today, when someone says this to me, I typically reply, “Oh, … Continue reading

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Pulled off the Facebook This Morning…

23 May 2013:  Pulled off the Facebook this morning… “Riley‘s 8th Grade Crossover.*  We have the best family and friends!!  Such a support system  — with Riley Cross and 5 others…”  (*A ‘Crossover’ is a ceremony wherein a kid ‘crosses over’ from Middle School … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think LaQuisha is with AT&T and Longer…

Maybe 10 – 12 years ago I was installing a new ceiling in my family room one morning.  I had decided to use barn siding; tongue-and-groove pine boards.  I was making good progress and enjoying a beer or two, or … Continue reading

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“Hey Honey, How Would You Like to…”

In 1984 or ’85 we had been waiting the results of the Lt. Colonel promotion board to be released for the better part of 3 or 4 weeks.  I think it was the year after I was promoted to Lt. … Continue reading

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A Watcher of Jets…

I have always been “a watcher of jets.”  It began when I was a very young kid at Selfridge AFB, MI in 1950 or so.  Just can’t help it… I have to look up, even though I usually know what … Continue reading

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I Wonder What Your Next Business Venture Will Be?

I stopped in the local PNC Bank yesterday to open a business account.  Seems simple enough… As I sat there I was somewhat ‘overwhelmed’ with laundry list of things I would need to open such an account.  It has gotten … Continue reading

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German Fighter Pilots

When I was a kid I read almost everything I could find on WW II American Fighter Pilots.  Dick Bong was a favorite.  I also enjoyed reading about Robert Lee Scott, Bob Johnson, and of course, Chuck Yeager.  When I … Continue reading

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One Rod, or Two?

And so I decided I would buy the boys, Noah (6) and Evan (4) each a cane fishing pole, and teach hem how to fish. There’s a great little fishing tackle store in Maumee, OH about 8-10 miles from me. … Continue reading

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