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“Harry A. Hit a Tree…

In the early 70’s, there once was a C-141 on approach to RWY 6 at McGuire in ‘very bad’ weather one morning. It was misty and the ceiling was ‘marginal.’ As they approached minimums, where they had to make the … Continue reading

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“I Guess the Check Ride is Over?”

Years ago, at Vance AFB, OK, this kid was on a check ride in the T-37. As he and his check pilot completed the pre-flight walk around, it began to rain. They both quickly hopped in the jet and began … Continue reading

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“Lt. Col. E., Please Come Up Here…”

(Submitted by Joe D.) A few years ago there was a change of command at Air Training Command (ATC, now Air Education and Training Command Air etc.). With this position being a 4-star billet there were all sorts of folks … Continue reading

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“Oh, Bewdy!”

One afternoon I was flying in a 4-ship of T-38s at Vance AFB, OK. It was a beautiful day and we were really enjoying ourselves. The mission was going quite well, the students all doing fine. At one point I … Continue reading

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My 3,000 T-38-Hour ‘Backstory’

And now for the “backstory” of how I was able to acquire 3,000 hours in the T-38… I had always wanted to fly Fighters, but it just was not meant to be. In 1975 I found my way into T-38s … Continue reading

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Colonel Gene Taft

 Colonel Gene Taft, RIP I met Colonel Taj when I reported for duty in Canberra, Australia, in July 1980.  Right from the very beginning I liked him.  At our first meeting he was pressed for time.  He told me to have … Continue reading

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