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The Beer Bottle Cap Distributor, Evening Shift

I befriended Louise when I began looking for an airline “interview suit.”  For whatever reason, there was an instant connection between us – a connection, and friendship that remains today. After her job at the clothes store, she took a … Continue reading

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Fallback as a French Hooker

When we showed up in France, in October 1962, I was issued a French ID card.                       When unfolded it is about 35 inches in length.  There are several pages … Continue reading

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Churchkeys, and Pull Tops

We lived on Floridastrasse in Wiesbaden (’63-’64).  Dear Ole Dad was the Commissary Officer at the time.  In this capacity he had the “inside track” to all the new foodstuffs and so forth. One day someone brought a case of … Continue reading

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The Boonies Might Catch Fire

Who knows how, or why I came up with the question but I remember asking my parents one morning, “If there is tar on a telephone pole, can it burn?”  Simple enough question, I suppose. Mom or Dad told me … Continue reading

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Advocacy: Congressional Commemorative Military Brat Lapel Pin

(This is the “talking paper” I will use this afternoon with my meeting with the staff of US Representative Marcy Kaptur, D/OH.) Bob Holliker: –  Retired Air force Lt. Colonel (1968 – 1988) –  Former Air Force “Brat” (1950 – … Continue reading

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The Dandelion…

The Official Military Brat Flower The Dandelion She will blow and blow But will never know Where the little dandelion will go Where the little dandelion will grow. The wind takes it high The wind takes it low But still … Continue reading

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A Box of Rocks

I needed a few stones to finish a garden project, so yesterday I went to a local ‘stonery’ and bought a ‘box of rocks.’ As I was about to leave a thought came to me: ‘I am carrying a box … Continue reading

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