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“They Will be Ready Thursday”

I loved it when I discovered how to make “phone patches” from the UHF radio in our C-141s to local phones at air bases! One Saturday afternoon we were overhead Mt. Home AFB, ID on our way to Elmendorf AFB, … Continue reading

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Well, There HAD to be Some ‘Whole Blood’ in One of Them…

When I was a T-38 IP at Vance, we would occasionally take a 2-ship, (with 4 IPs), to Pease AFB, NH to pick up fresh, live lobsters for our occasional Sunday evening “Viking feasts!”  Surf, and turf.  Typically we would … Continue reading

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Mikey’s Snake

My friend Mikey had a pet snake at one time.  This is itself wasn’t necessarily unusual except he was at the Air Force Academy at the time.  You aren’t allowed to have ‘pets’ at the Air Force Academy. Mikey kept … Continue reading

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