A ‘Pissing Contest’ with a Chicken…

Chickens need approximately 14 hours of (day) light to produce eggs.  With the onset of winter I will typically leave a light on for them in their coop.  The 75w bulb I have in there is also a source of heat for them.

The other day as I was checking their food and water I noticed the light was off.  I thought I had turned it on.  I checked the switch – it was on.  So I pulled the string, turning the light back on, and thought nothing more about it.  The next day the light was off again.  What?

So, I once again checked the switch and pulled the string again; and on came the light again.  “Okay,” I thought to myself, “I am now in a pissing contest with a chicken.”  How do I win this?

I am going to have to ‘ponder’ on this one for a while…

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  1. John says:

    I gave this ongoing battle much thought.

    Best solution is: Let us have fried chicken tonight. After all, rarely does civilized man have the opportunity to dine upon the defeated. Besides, I like fried chicken — and I wager fried “smart chicken” will be tasty.


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