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A Friend from ’64

I have a friend today, from 1964.  She broke my heart once, but that was so long ago, and not important.  What is ‘important’ is that she showed back up in my life, when I needed a friend – and … Continue reading

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“You, You’re the One!”

I don’t know where I come up with this stuff, I just do… In the late ’70s we came to Ohio on vacation.    It coincided with a friend’s birthday.  It was on this trip I told a friend about … Continue reading

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A Teller of Stories

I have always loved “stories.”  As a kid I loved to listen to my Mom and Dad tell stories of their respective childhoods.  Then I loved the stories of Vacation Bible School.  Many of those stories are with me today.  … Continue reading

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The Bridge of My Nose…

This F-111 video was produced in Australia.  I had the opportunity to fly F-111s a couple times when I was ‘down under’ myself.  What a blast!  For aviators, this is a clip that can really get your blood boiling! I … Continue reading

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Okiksapa 1

Never trust a fart over 50.

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‘Okiksapa’ is a Lakota Sioux word meaning, “to have gained wisdom from experience.” When I got sober I was looking “to make sense of it all.”  I walked out of a 28-day program at 48 and thought to myself, “What … Continue reading

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Shoeclerk:  Incompetent Bureaucrat.  (Term may be redundant.) I do not suffer fools or ‘shoeclerks’ very well, at all.  I always have felt these individuals did not exist to assist me in my primary mission, but explicitly to hinder it.  And … Continue reading

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I have used several terms over the years that may not be familiar to everyone; or at least the context of the terms might be a bit vague.  To this end, I will use this post to clear up any … Continue reading

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Major ‘Booger’ Malone

(Caution: Explicit language: ahh, more ‘explicit’ than usual…) There were 70 of us who found our ways to Room 45 in Hanger 12 at Randolph AFB, TX on the morning of 24 April 1970.  This was our designated reporting point … Continue reading

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Thor’s Hammer

Last week a friend sent a piece to me, “Thor’s Hammer: A Requiem.”  It’s a story about an F-105, ship number 62-4246. I just love stories like this, even today.  I can sit here, and feel adrenalin releases as … Continue reading

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