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Signs – The Beginning: “Free Moles”

About 10 years ago I was on my way home from De-troit when I spotted a sign alongside the road, “Free Kittens.” I thought to myself, “That sign captures the essence of why I live in the country!”  “Free Kittens,’ … Continue reading

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I Got to ‘Stick My Hands Under Mike Webster’s Butt, One More Time’…

Years ago I happened to hear Terry Bradshaw’s induction speech into the NFL Hall of Fame.  As he was speaking, he hesitated a moment, looked up to the heavens and lamented, “What I wouldn’t give to stick my hands under … Continue reading

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Chocks Afire…

One night at Korat RTAFB (Royal Thai AFB) we decided we wanted to have a campfire.  We had been drinking for a few hours, it was dark and it just seemed like the thing to do.  So, we cleared an … Continue reading

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A “Change of Culture…”

This has been around the internet for a while now – I’ve seen it a couple-3 times.  It showed up in my mailbox again just over a week or so ago.  I’m including it in my blog here as I … Continue reading

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“Three’s Inn”

We have a formation we fly, “The Missing Man Formation,” to honor fallen aviators.  It is performed at funerals, various dedications, and other ‘special events,’ with all sorts of aircraft.  Essentially it is flown with four aircraft in “fingertip” formation.  … Continue reading

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Well, Crap…

I first met ‘Joe’ at the 560th FTS in 1982.  He was a ‘nice enough’ guy; maybe kinda ‘anal’ – but conscientious and well meaning.  He tended to ‘micro-manage,’ often overlooking ‘the big picture.’  One evening while we were sharing … Continue reading

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My First 39 MiG Kills…

I grew up on Air Force bases all over the world.  It was a wonderful childhood, and at the same time, sometimes a ‘troubling’ childhood.  But, all-in-all, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One of the bases I lived on … Continue reading

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I would much rather face a 7-level North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunner than a “Charlie-Mike” – any day!  A “Charlie-Mike” is a mother between say, 25 and 38, of a darling little kid who attends the Lial Catholic school just around … Continue reading

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Tommy and the Stan/Eval Nazi

Tommy was a young FAIP who worked for me in the early ’80s as a T-38 Check Pilot in the 56oth FTS at Randolph Field, TX.  He was a good kid; highly motivated, talented and with a great career ahead … Continue reading

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David A. Maass, square black nails, and Joe

I wouldn’t have a clue who David A. Maass is – but he sure as hell puts out a great can!  I have 3 of his cans, with pheasants on them.  The pheasants are in early flight, with an old … Continue reading

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