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Terpin Hydrate

I never knew what this was, until the other day.  I took a lot of it in my youth, but today it’s banned by the FDA.  For our own protection, of course… In my youth I knew it as ‘cough … Continue reading

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Things like this are just heartbreaking to me… This is a ‘Randolph jet,’ a T-38A.  I actually flew this very jet; the last time being 9 Sept. 1987.  And now it sits in the “Boneyard;” at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ – … Continue reading

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Blink Colonel! Gawd-dammit, Blink!

In the mid-70s, Col. Tom M. was the Commander of the 71st Flying Training Wing at Vance AFB, OK.  I was the Chief of Safety at the time. Once a week Col. M. held a staff meeting.  Lt. Col Clyde … Continue reading

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A Drunk’s Perspective on Whitney Houston…

I am watching all the media “hype” associated with the death of Whitney Houston somewhat with “amazement,” I suppose.  I am to the point now, when something about it comes on TV, I walk out of the room… this whole … Continue reading

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And So I Wonder…

…why could the Romans build a road, the Appian Way, that has lasted over 2,000 years – and we can not build a road that lasts 20 years!  And we have college-educated engineers designing our highways!  

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“Dreams are not so different from deeds as some may think.  All the deeds of men are only dreams at first.  And in the end, their deeds dissolve into dreams.”  Theodore Herzl, “Old New Land,” 1902. I have found this … Continue reading

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