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My First Cup of Coffee…

I began drinking coffee when I was 16.  I can’t remember the exact date of my first cup of coffee, but I sure remember the time and place! We were stationed at Chambley AFB, France.  Base housing was a trailer … Continue reading

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“Take Two Tablets, Orally by Mouth”

In the Spring of 1988 I had an annoying head cold.  After a while, it got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  So I headed into the Flight Surgeon’s.  (I was still in the Air Force at … Continue reading

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“Use for Intended Purpose”

I just bought a new jigsaw.  One of the things I do here, as I coast into my ‘golden years’ is, I actually read the operator’s manual – once I find the English section!  ‘Wisdom’ they call it, I think… … Continue reading

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Show Me the Carnage…

Drove up to the bank the other day and the thing that grabbed my attention was a new spiffy, solar-powered stop sign.  Really?  At the only 4-way stop intersection, in Whitehouse, Ohio? So I go into the bank and make a … Continue reading

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“I’ve Never Met A Dead Man Before…”

I labeled my first three students I had at Vance as ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”  Looking back now,  some 35+ years later, that pretty-well sums it up. Lloyd was “the Good,” and he damn-near killed us a … Continue reading

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Raspberry Jam

One of the first things I did when I bought my place here in Whitehouse, OH, in 1991, was to plant a red raspberry patch.  Over the years I added two more patches!  I just like red raspberries, and ya … Continue reading

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“Sir, Were You a ’38 IP…?”

I was walking through the Minneapolis Airport one day when this guy came up and asked, “Sir, were you a ’38 IP (T-38 Instructor Pilot) at Randolph?” I didn’t recognize him at all, but replied, “Yeah, for six years or … Continue reading

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Walking With Grandfather…

I am currently using a meditation book these days, “Meditations with Native American Elders,” as a guide for my spiritual readings in the early mornings.  I am so at peace with the teachings of these Native American Elders – it’s … Continue reading

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The Journey: Reaching Out for Help

After the shrink diagnosed me as “alcoholic,” I actually felt a sense of relief!  I kinda always knew I was a drunk; however until 28 Jul ’94 I wasn’t ready to face it.  I wasn’t ready to quit drinking… On … Continue reading

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The Journey: Stumbling Into Sobriety

I didn’t get a “scholarship” into sobriety – no DUIs, not “wife-ordered,” nor court ordered, nor any work issues.  I was just ‘sick-and-tired’ of being ‘sick-and-tired!’ In the end, of my drinking, I would get up in the morning and … Continue reading

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