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Memorial Day – 2013

I was honored yesterday by being asked to be the keynote speaker at the Lake Township – Walbridge, OH Memorial Day Service. The mayor, Ed Kolonko, and I are good friends and he been asked to speak, but he deferred … Continue reading

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Rude Smell

I love fresh flowers in the house.  Especially now (late May) through the Fall.  However, this being said, there is a critical time wherein you have to get rid of them – that time before the water in the vase … Continue reading

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Dead Bug

This was taken out on I-475 yesterday; the loop that goes around Toledo.  The weather was “clear, day, VFR.”  Severe clear, dry roads. The woman, looks like she is wondering “what the fuck happened?”  Well, I’ll tell ya – the … Continue reading

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Harry’s Bees Drinking the Neighbor’s Water…

One afternoon Harry and Guyneth (his wife) were sitting in their living room when came a knock on their back door.  Harry set down his paper and went to see who it was – it was a neighbor lady from … Continue reading

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Harry F. Schaller

Harry Schaller SCHALLER Harry F. Harry F. Schaller, 67, of Toledo, Ohio passed away on May 15, 2013. Harry was born in Akron, Ohio on July 6, 1945. He graduated from Bowsher High School and received an Associate Degree from … Continue reading

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Harry’s Cow

My friend Harry passed away yesterday, and I already miss him… I will ‘allow’ myself to feel his loss over the next few days and months – but not at the expense of having known him.  He was a gem! … Continue reading

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“Heads Will Roll…”

“Heads will roll…” in the Obama administration this means the folks will become professors at Columbia University…

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Mother’s Day

Taking Mom Out Back Bobby Holliker 27 October 2008 Today I am taking Mom out back.  It’s time now…  Up until now, I have resisted, not wanting to ‘let her go.’  But today, it’s time. For the past 6 years … Continue reading

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Say ‘hi’ to John…

As I was getting into the shower yesterday I received a call.  Didn’t recognize the number but I answered it anyway. “Hello, John?” came the reply when I answered. “No,” I said, this is Bob.” “Do you sell T-shirts?” the … Continue reading

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Buying Sudafed

The last time I had a head cold I ran out of Sudafed.  Crap… So, I bundled myself up and headed to Kroger’s – but not before ‘writing a note’ for myself. When I got to Kroger’s I patiently stood … Continue reading

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