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Fine Dining at Red Robin

We have a chain of burger joints here in NW Ohio, “Red Robin.”  They serve good burgers, and great fries.  A while back, my “Burger Low Level” light came on, so I stopped by to rectify the problem. When my … Continue reading

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The Return to Say “Thank You”

In early September 1957 we moved into our quarters on “D” Street at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.  I remember that first bright, sunny Thursday, when Mom came home from the Commissary with a trunk load of groceries.  As I was … Continue reading

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No Habba Chicken Eggs

When we flew into Saigon, in C-141s, we would often stop by the flightline cafeteria for breakfast or lunch as the aircraft was offloaded and uploaded with cargo.  At that cafeteria they had this little “mama-san,” perhaps in her early … Continue reading

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The Swedish Girls

I awoke around midnight the other night.  No particular reason, I just woke up.  Not wanting to just lay there wondering why I couldn’t sleep, I turned on the TV and found Letterman.  He was just introducing the group, “First … Continue reading

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Our Town

I don’t know if I can ever fully appreciate how Johannes Holliger must have felt that early spring day in April 1833, as he readied himself to leave his home in Rein, Switzerland.  Johannes was 30 years old, and I … Continue reading

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Flying, and Life…

One of the things I learned about flying is, there is really nothing “tough” about it – when you break it down.  I think I can make my point here by using a typical T-38 “contact” mission (contact missions encompass … Continue reading

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Two Paths in the Air Force…

When I was on Active Duty I saw two distinct career paths for pilots.  The first was to progress by kissing the Boss’s ass and playing golf.  The second was to not lie to the Boss and being very good … Continue reading

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Swiss Army Knives, and Crash Axes

About a year or two after 9/11 I had my little bitty Swiss Army knife confiscated by the TSA at Security one morning… Now to put this in perspective, by FAA regulation, we carry a crash ax in the cockpit… … Continue reading

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Confiscated Nail Clippers

We were standing around in First Class one day, just killing time before boarding, when a Sky Marshall came on board – “on fire!”   He was livid…. Seems that when he came through Security, with all his proper Creds in … Continue reading

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One of the things Dear Ole Dad NEVER tolerated was lying.  He (literally) beat this into us from Day 1.  I grew up with more of a fear that Dear Ole Dad would think I was lying to him, than actually … Continue reading

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