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Feeling the Love…

As a Father I wasn’t ‘always there’ for the kids.  No excuses, my choices – at the time. However, ‘alcoholism’ – probably an explanation. I always wanted to be a Father; to show my Dad that you didn’t have to … Continue reading

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AM, or PM?

I stopped by Kroger’s the other day – just to buy a bottle of aspirin.  You would think that a relativity simple task.  But no, not any more: I could not believe the display.  Aspirin for damn-near any and all … Continue reading

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My Sears Wooden Hammer…

“Now, why would I write about a wood hammer,” you might ask. Well, if I had you in my hands as much as I have had this old Sears wooden hammer, I would probably be writing about you also! I … Continue reading

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“When You Hear Your Own Story…”

I love ‘stories.’  That’s one of the reasons I am blogging.  Sometimes I encounter a story that is better just reproducing, rather than attempting to retell it myself.  The following is one of those stories.  It comes from a  book, … Continue reading

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My Friend Ron

Last night I received a call from my friend Ron. I met Ron at Northwest Airlines in 1990 – ’91 or so, and I liked him right away.  We just ‘clicked’ and our friendship continued to grow over the years. … Continue reading

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The Basic Aircrew Read File

In 1977 we (Vance AFB, OK) picked up an ACE (Accelerated Copilot Enrichment) mission, using T-37s at 4 or 5 ‘northern tier’ SAC (Strategic Air Command) bases.  This was a program where ATC (Air Training Command, now AETC) provided SAC … Continue reading

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Just Thinking…

I want to live my ‘next life’ backwards: – You start out dead and get that out of the way first. – Then you wake up in a nursing home, feeling better every day. – Then you get kicked out … Continue reading

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Bored at the Airport?

Ever have a 3-4-5 hour ‘lay-over’ at an airport, with nothing to do?  Try this. Head over to the ‘Community Service Phone,’ and page yourself to a certain gate.  Example: “Could you ask Bob Holliker to come to Gate 63, … Continue reading

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No “Boots On the Ground” in Iraq!

Okay, now it all makes sense to me! I saw Chuck Hagel, SecDef, on the news this morning, declaring once again that there are not, nor will there be, any American “boots on the ground” in Iraq.  And this just … Continue reading

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My Tax Dollars at Work…

So now Dear Leader and his crew have decided to bomb ISIS in Iraq. One mortar, one Mk81 ( a 500-pounder).  One US built Humvee, one Mk81.  One machine gun, another MK81. There’s a good chance that some, if not … Continue reading

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