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Vetting Air Force Officers

I can only speak to the ‘vetting’ of Air Force officers from the the period I was on active duty, 1968 – 1988. From the moment I entered active duty I was continually being vetted for command.  That’s they very … Continue reading

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A Watcher of Jets…

I have always been “a watcher of jets.”  It began when I was a very young kid at Selfridge AFB, MI in 1950 or so.  Just can’t help it… I have to look up, even though I usually know what … Continue reading

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German Fighter Pilots

When I was a kid I read almost everything I could find on WW II American Fighter Pilots.  Dick Bong was a favorite.  I also enjoyed reading about Robert Lee Scott, Bob Johnson, and of course, Chuck Yeager.  When I … Continue reading

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To All My Pilot Friends, Wherever You Are…

As we get older and we experience the loss of old friends, we begin to realize that maybe we ‘bullet proof’ Pilots won’t live forever, not so bullet proof anymore.  We ponder…if I were gone tomorrow did I say what I … Continue reading

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Challenging Disrespect

Went out to the base this morning (180th Fighter Wing) to talk with Beth for bit.  There were two airmen (Security Police) on duty at the gate when I drove up for an ID check.  It looked like a new … Continue reading

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WNA – 3

“Knowledge was inherent in all things.  The world was a library…” Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

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Memorial Day – 2013

I was honored yesterday by being asked to be the keynote speaker at the Lake Township – Walbridge, OH Memorial Day Service. The mayor, Ed Kolonko, and I are good friends and he been asked to speak, but he deferred … Continue reading

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Navy Seal, Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle, a former Navy Seal, was killed over the weekend by a coward he was trying to help. I understand we are a ‘nation of law.’  But in circumstances like this, I would like to see this coward dragged … Continue reading

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We had a gal show up in the Squadron (560th FTS) sometime in the mid-80s.  She was somewhat of a ‘ball of fire.’  Young, capable, a good pilot, self-motivated, personable – she was a delightful additional to our unit. One … Continue reading

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Memorial Day – 2012

My daughter-in-law sent this picture to me last night. Noah is almost 4 now.  I don’t know if he can yet grasp the significance of his gesture here, but I do.  His military lineage goes back at least 4 generations…  … Continue reading

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