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From the Other Side of the Door

It is being reported this morning that 2 pilots were discovered asleep in the cockpit of their A-330 on their way across ‘the Pond.’  Crap… Well, be it as it is, let me give you a perspective from the other … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Life

Last weekend I flew out to Oregon for a ‘Celebration of Life’ for my Aunt Jan.  Aunt Jan passed last month.  She was the last of my mom’s sisters.  Out of all my mom’s brothers and sisters there is only … Continue reading

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Reconciling With Dear Ole Dad Being Alcoholic…

I follow several Military Brat FaceBook groups.  On occasion I will see where I was not the only one who had an alcoholic father.  I always said I would never be like my Dad – but I was, to an extent.  I also … Continue reading

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A “Caution” for Viagra, and the Like…

I think they ought to include a “Caution” on Viagra, and the like, that reads: “Caution:  It just might be a good idea to ensure your ‘partner’ is actually going to show up before taking Viagra.”  

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The Shootings of Late…

I am thinking these shootings of late are, in some ways, the result of our nation being too PC (politically correct) – of folks being too afraid of calling ‘shitheads’ for what they really are.  I would love to think … Continue reading

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You Want to Know About My Sex Life?

It came out yesterday that yet another provision of ‘obamacare’ will mandate that doctors ask their patients about their sex lives – regardless of what we go in for!  YGBSM!  It is NONE of their business! I don’t hold this … Continue reading

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Class Trip to the Farm…

This is so funny – I crack up every time I read it!!! Poor farmer must have been frazzled keeping an eye on all the kids.

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My name is Bob Holliker – and I am ‘exceptional!’  I am not ‘special,’ nor deserving of anything for ‘just being,’ but I am ‘exceptional.’  As Will Sonnett used to say, “No brag, just fact!”  And I take exception with … Continue reading

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Do You Think You Could Pass a Test Like That?

Dear Ole Dad was the Base Commissary Officer at Ramey AFB, PR 1957 – 1960.  One day he saw a bit of commotion at the meat counter.  To hear him tell it, a ‘portly’ matron was raising hell with one … Continue reading

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