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Euphemism: “Wheels in the Well”

“Wheels in the Well” is a euphemism I frequently use to express ‘leaving.’  It comes from retracting the landing gear after takeoff.  When the ‘wheels’ come up into the aircraft, into the ‘gear well,’ you are, ‘on your way.’  

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As I was sitting here yesterday morning at oh-dark-thirty, I heard some jets departing.  Two distinct groups of jets – maybe 15 to 20 minutes apart.  Wasn’t paying that great of attention; I’ve heard it before.  Then my daughter-in-law put … Continue reading

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Smoking Down the Highway…

As we settle into Spring this year, I am getting more and more into my bees.  Hive inspection is critical in the early stages of the year to make sure the hive is developing without problems.  Part of the hive … Continue reading

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Looks Like the “PC Queers” Are Winning…

This is the current welcome sign at Nellis AFB, NV:             And this is the sign it replaced (as directed by Air Combat Command): “They” dropped off, ‘home of the fighter pilot.’  Guess it was … Continue reading

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“Convention,” Political Correctness, Defiance and Contempt…

It seems every day now I am becoming more and more constrained by “new-age convention” and political correctness (PC).  Well, I for one, have had enough of this “new-age” crap!  Every day now it seems as if I can’t do … Continue reading

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Taking Hostage…

In the late 80’s I was the Commander of the 12th Student Squadron at Randolph AFB, TX.  One day I received a call from a friend of mine who had departed the Air Force.  Joe was a broker in San … Continue reading

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Bees In the Hive – 3

This is the hive as of 10 April 2013: …and on 20April 2013: I find it amazing that they can work so well, and so efficiently without a skinny ‘community organizer’ in charge… Just amazing!  

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A ‘PS’ to Colonel Thompson…

This is a recent exchange I had with a guy who posted a comment on my post here, on Colonel Hadley Thompson ( “I would like to contact the gentleman who wrote this about Col. Had Thompson. If you would … Continue reading

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The 40th Annual Freedom Flyers (POW) Dining In

On 11 April 2013 the 560th Flying Training Squadron hosted the 40th Annual Freedom Flyers (POW) Dining In.  This is a tradition, began in 1973, to honor our North Vietnam POWs.  I don’t get there every year these days; but … Continue reading

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Honoring My “Dead” Wife…

I was working with Harry one February morning; he was showing me how to build a canoe.  Fascinating!  About an hour or so into the project, my “Life Support Device,” (my cell phone), rang.  I didn’t recognize the number, and … Continue reading

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