And They Have Guns…

This is a shot of the approach end of Rwy 13 at Seguin Aux Airfield, TX.

The approach end of RWY 13, Seguin Aux, TX

Notice the close proximity of Hwy 90 to the airfield. Now you have the background for this story.

One day Joe was flying at Seguin in various T-38 overhead patterns and landings. On this particular approach, the student was flying a no-flap approach. It was sometime around mid-February and the San Antonio rodeo was about to happen. This always included ‘Trail Rides’ from all over the state heading to San Antonio. This particular day was no exception.

As the student rolled out on final, Joe saw a column of trail riders making their way along Hwy 90. Then he noticed the student was ‘sinking’ on final approach. He mentioned it to the student but didn’t see much of a response. Joe really didn’t want to take the jet as it would mean “pinking” (failing) the kid and he would have to write it up. But shortly thereafter Joe couldn’t stand it much anymore. He took the jet, lit the burners, and went around. In telling the story Joe told me they were “really low” over the riders!

On the go-around, Joe looked in his mirrors and saw riders trying to regain control of their horses and a chuck wagon heading for the ditch. It was about this time the student remarked, “Hey, that was fun, can we do it again?”

“Not hardly,” Joe replied, “I think they all might be kind of pissed off, and they have guns!”

All in a day of student training…

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