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Mike’s Bag….

One Friday afternoon Craig and I stopped in Amarillo, TX for a ‘gas-and-go’ on a weekend T-38 cross-country mission.  We were parked next to another Randolph (AFB) T-38. The “rules” at the time, mandated that we take a “bag” – … Continue reading

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“They Will be Ready Thursday”

I loved it when I discovered how to make “phone patches” from the UHF radio in our C-141s to local phones at air bases! One Saturday afternoon we were overhead Mt. Home AFB, ID on our way to Elmendorf AFB, … Continue reading

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Well, There HAD to be Some ‘Whole Blood’ in One of Them…

When I was a T-38 IP at Vance, we would occasionally take a 2-ship, (with 4 IPs), to Pease AFB, NH to pick up fresh, live lobsters for our occasional Sunday evening “Viking feasts!”  Surf, and turf.  Typically we would … Continue reading

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Mikey’s Snake

My friend Mikey had a pet snake at one time.  This is itself wasn’t necessarily unusual except he was at the Air Force Academy at the time.  You aren’t allowed to have ‘pets’ at the Air Force Academy. Mikey kept … Continue reading

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My Flag Doesn’t Desreve This…

I was on my way home a couple weeks ago when I happened to glance down and see an American flag in the gutter.  I wasn’t in any particular hurry, but then again, I had been out running errands and … Continue reading

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1811 Stearley Heights, Okinawa

We moved to Okinawa in May 1953.  Dear Ole Dad was assigned to Kadena AFB in May of 1952, but there was no base housing at the time – so we had to wait a year before we could join … Continue reading

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“How Hard Can it Be?”

This was a campaign slogan of Kinky Friedman when he ran for governor of Texas a few years back – “How hard can it be?” Although I hadn’t quite thought about it in this vain; this has more or less … Continue reading

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Watching Dear Ole Dad Solo…

I remember watching my dad “solo” at Kadena, Okinawa.  This, in itself, isn’t all that big of a deal – except Dear Ole Dad was a Commissary Officer. The houses at Kadena, were made of cinder block.   In those … Continue reading

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Re-elect Jimmy…

I was at an embassy party in Canberra, Australia the Fall of 1980.  It was just before the presidential election.  As I was talking with a military member of the embassy staff the ambassador’s wife walked up.  Of course all … Continue reading

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Heading Uptown…

I am heading uptown here, to have the guys at the body shop put ‘clearcoat’ on the (redwood) strip canoe I just finished… The canoe is 19′ long…  

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