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The BratPin YouTube Promotion

    (Apologies:  Have received ‘feedback’ that the music might be a bit too loud in places.  I concur, and will have George ‘dial it back’ a bit when he gets out of hospital.  I am just so excited about … Continue reading

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The Syrian Version of Riverdance

This, I think, is the Syrian version of Riverdance: 1400 years of inbreeding…

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Common Core Education…

It just keeps getting stupid!  I saw this last week.  It’s an explanation for why 3 x 4 = 11. YGBSM! Let me put this in a “real life” example for you.  In the T-38, we fly our final turn … Continue reading

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No Haba Hamburger, Only Haba Cheesburger…

I came off a 9 -10 hour mission one evening at Korat RTAFB, Thailand in 1974.  I was tired, grimy and hungry.  All I wanted was a lousy hamburger, some fries and a beer – then to go to bed. … Continue reading

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Kicking the Dog…

I think bombing Syria now is like kicking the dog every time Gramma farts at the dinner table… I don’t know today (26 August 2013) if we are going to hammer Syria or not.  It really is way beyond the … Continue reading

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High School

Have been asked a couple of times here of late, “What was it like for you in high school?”  To put it all in perspective, I attended 4 different high schools in my 4 years of high school.  Two in … Continue reading

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An Old Goat, or A Nazi?

We lived in Chicopee Falls, MA from 1960 to Oct. 1962.  The house was the first house my folks owned.  My bedroom was in the basement, and that was okay with me – it gave me a bit of an … Continue reading

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And You Wonder Why I Call Them Shoeclerks?

When Duke approached me last Spring with the idea of creating a ‘challenge coin’ for the children of Vietnam Veterans for the Toledo Vietnam Veteran Appreciation Event, I liked it right away.  He suggested using the Vietnam Memorial on the … Continue reading

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Dreams, Deeds, and Dreams…

“Dreams are not so different from deeds as some may think. All the deeds of men are only dreams at first. And in the end, their deeds dissolve into dreams…” Theodor Herzl, ‘Old New Land,’ 1902

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Sometimes You Can’t Find Things by ‘Going Back’

“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place. We stay there even though we go away.  And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there. We travel to ourselves when … Continue reading

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