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Surly Clerks, and the High Yo-Yo

This is a maneuver we also used in the Training Command (the High Yo-Yo) to occasionally facilitate rejoins.  It is a tough maneuver to perfect, and a lot of fun to perform.  I know, I have screwed up many of … Continue reading

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Chicken WIre

“Now.” you might ask, “why would anyone want to write a ‘blog post’ on chicken wire?”  And that is indeed, a good question.  Well, I’ll tell you. Last weekend I went to a local store to buy some chicken wire.  … Continue reading

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Baby Boomer Number 1

A few years ago the morning news crews made a BIG DEAL out of “Baby Boomer Number 1.”  Someone found this lady who was born very early on 1 Jan 1946 and designated her as “Baby Boomer Number 1.”  ABC, … Continue reading

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‘How do you kill a pickle?’

I met Jill in the Fall of ’68 at a barn party in Sidney, Nebraska.  She was attractive, clever, witty and Jewish.  And like me, she lived in Denver at the time.  I was in Munitions School at Lowry AFB, … Continue reading

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Sprint Wireless

Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, what-ever – I don’t know if it makes a difference anymore or not.  From my perspective, they all suck!  Of course, living in the woods probably doesn’t help either; but, oh well… When I first went in … Continue reading

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Found on Facebook!

Right after I got married to Wife 2.0 (two-dot-oh) I received a message on FaceBook:  “Are you the same Bob who took me to our Senior Class Prom in 1964, in Wiesbaden?”  signed, Patte.  (And, you think God doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Jay Karp

I met Jay Karp at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico in the late ’50’s.  We hit it off right from the beginning, and became “best buddies.”  We played on the same Little League team together (although he ‘played,’ and I just … Continue reading

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Behind the Kid…

I recently changed my FaceBook profile picture to this: It was taken at Davis-Monthan AFB, (Tuscon) AZ in 1957.  I was 10 or 11 years old at the time.  I changed my picture to “honor” my service to our Nation, … Continue reading

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“Real” Alcoholics…

When I hear someone at an AA meeting open with; “Hi, my name is Eric Schmuckenfuss, and I am a ‘real alcoholic’ – I see a “free shot!”  What the hell is a “real alcoholic?”  Is it something like being … Continue reading

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Why I Drive the Speed Limit

You might think I would drive the ‘speed limit’ today because, “…it’s the Law.”  Doesn’t seem that’s my motivation anymore.  Today it seems I drive the speed limit only to piss “you” (rhetorically) off!  Or, you would think.  It appears … Continue reading

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