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Respecting the Presidency

I have been guilty here of late, of referring to the President of the United States as “Dear Leader.”  It was intended as an expression of total disrespect – a ‘takeoff’ on the Dear Leader of North Korea.  Not necessarily … Continue reading

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I Wonder What Your Next Business Venture Will Be?

I stopped in the local PNC Bank yesterday to open a business account.  Seems simple enough… As I sat there I was somewhat ‘overwhelmed’ with laundry list of things I would need to open such an account.  It has gotten … Continue reading

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Re-elect Jimmy…

I was at an embassy party in Canberra, Australia the Fall of 1980.  It was just before the presidential election.  As I was talking with a military member of the embassy staff the ambassador’s wife walked up.  Of course all … Continue reading

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We are currently dealing with two “traitors” in the United States now: Manning and Snowden.  They are claiming they are “whistle blowers.”  Make no mistake – they are both “traitors.” I think we need to give Snowden a medal of … Continue reading

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Roundup, and My Observation Hive…

This is a picture of my Observation Hive, right after I added the bees: Take note of the number of bees.           And now, this picture was taken this morning: Not so many, huh?  I don’t … Continue reading

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(Keep in mind, I am writing here for my Grand Kids…) “Sequestration was a program initiated by Dear Leader, President Obama, to force the Congress into passing a budget that largely would go his way.  It was designed to hurt … Continue reading

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