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WNA – 4

“We send our little Indian boys and girls to school, and when they come back talking English, they come back swearing.  There is no swear word in the Indian languages, and I haven’t yet learned to swear.” Gertrude S. Bonnin … Continue reading

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He Tells Us What He Is Going To Do…

    And now this off the Air Force Association “morning brief:” “USAF Will Scrap, Not Mothball, the A-10.”  This man, is systematically dismantling our armed forces, per the direction of his handlers…

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“Just Wanted to Make Sure You knew….”

I was flying with our squadron commander one day.  He was in the front seat, and I was in the back (T-38A).  I didn’t have a great deal of respect for him; he was a “reg reader.”  A “matrix colonel.” … Continue reading

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Challenging Disrespect

Went out to the base this morning (180th Fighter Wing) to talk with Beth for bit.  There were two airmen (Security Police) on duty at the gate when I drove up for an ID check.  It looked like a new … Continue reading

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WNA – 3

“Knowledge was inherent in all things.  The world was a library…” Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

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Discovering Dana

Story Time: In Sept. 1963 I was a ‘New Kid’ at General H.H. Arnold HS, Wiesbaden, Germany.  Sitting against the wall that first morning I was scared sh*tless. One person ‘reached out’ to me, Dana Shumard.  I don’t know why … Continue reading

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Bill Bowman

I once read that when the last person speaks your name then you are truly lost to the ages. Often, in my morning prayers, I will mention my gratitude for my ancestors and certain people who have ‘walked through my … Continue reading

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WNA – 2

“It does not require many words to speak the truth.” I would love my grand kids to pay attention to this; especially whenever they hear a pollution speak.  And to keep this in mind when they are speaking…

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The Wisdom of the Native Americans (WNA) – 1

When I first got sober I began searching.  Exactly for what I didn’t know, but I knew I was searching for something.  And then one day I stumbled across a book, “The Wisdom of the Native Americans,” Edited by Kent … Continue reading

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Awaiting a Gate Assignment in Sioux Falls

I had to divert into Sioux Falls, SD one day because of inclement weather in Minneapolis.  Rain, snow – I cain’t remember; doesn’t matter.  There were a “few” of us who diverted that day, and we all ended up sitting … Continue reading

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