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The Orange Scratchy Veggie Glove

I stopped in a local “kitchen shop” a couple years ago, just to look around.  While I was there I came across this glove: It’s a ‘scratchy’ glove, used to clean veggies. While I was looking at it a this … Continue reading

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My Playground

From the summer of 1957 through the summer of 1960, this was my playground: This is Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, situated on the northwest end of the island of Puerto Rico.  It was a ‘magical’ place to spend a childhood, … Continue reading

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The Spirituality of the BratPin…

As I have gotten more and more involved with the various “Brat” groups now showing up on Facebook (FB), I can sense a certain “spirituality” about it all.  There’s no denying it, it’s there for me – a sense of … Continue reading

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“Oh Christmas Tree…Over the Balcony…”

In 1963 we lived in an apartment complex at 18 Floridastrasse in Wiesbaden, West Germany – base housing.  Our apartment was on right side of the complex, on the second floor. At Christmas that year, Dear Ole Dad bought our … Continue reading

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Want to talk about “integrity” a bit this morning… I want my grandkids to know what I think of ‘integrity.’ It was reported this morning that 34 Air Force officers, missile launch officers at Malmstrom AFB, MT,  have been decertified … Continue reading

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‘Joint Base San Antonio’

These “joint bases” these days – what a load of crap! ‘Joint Base San Antonio’ as an example, encompassing Randolph Field (AFB), Ft. Sam Houston and Lackland AFB all in the San Antonio area.  What I am seeing is a … Continue reading

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Cruising at FL 430

In the early ’80’s we were having a rash of J-85 flameouts, engine failures, at altitudes above FL 390.  The J-85 is the engine in the T-38A.  So Command issued a directive stating that flights would not be conducted above … Continue reading

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MSP – 5

5. They Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone “Mentally strong people recognize that they don’t need to please everyone all the time. They’re not afraid to say no or speak up when necessary.  They strive to be kind and fair, but … Continue reading

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1.9 from Dyess to Randolph?

After I relinquished command of my squadron, just before retiring in 1988, the DO (Director of Operations) told me, “Well, since all you seem to enjoy is flying, that’s what we decided to let you do for your remaining time … Continue reading

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MSP – 4

4. They Don’t Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control “You won’t hear a mentally strong person complaining over lost luggage or traffic jams. Instead, they focus on what they can control in their lives.  They recognize that sometimes, the … Continue reading

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