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Respecting the Presidency

I have been guilty here of late, of referring to the President of the United States as “Dear Leader.”  It was intended as an expression of total disrespect – a ‘takeoff’ on the Dear Leader of North Korea.  Not necessarily … Continue reading

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‘Joint Base San Antonio’

These “joint bases” these days – what a load of crap! ‘Joint Base San Antonio’ as an example, encompassing Randolph Field (AFB), Ft. Sam Houston and Lackland AFB all in the San Antonio area.  What I am seeing is a … Continue reading

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My name is Bob Holliker – and I am ‘exceptional!’  I am not ‘special,’ nor deserving of anything for ‘just being,’ but I am ‘exceptional.’  As Will Sonnett used to say, “No brag, just fact!”  And I take exception with … Continue reading

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Kicking the Dog…

I think bombing Syria now is like kicking the dog every time Gramma farts at the dinner table… I don’t know today (26 August 2013) if we are going to hammer Syria or not.  It really is way beyond the … Continue reading

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“Heads Will Roll…”

“Heads will roll…” in the Obama administration this means the folks will become professors at Columbia University…

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