A Teller of Stories

I have always loved “stories.”  As a kid I loved to listen to my Mom and Dad tell stories of their respective childhoods.  Then I loved the stories of Vacation Bible School.  Many of those stories are with me today.  I am one of those who tend to learn the best from stories.

Who knows when I began “collecting stories?”  But, it was at an early age.  Most of the stories I have I heard at one time or another; others I created from my own life experience.  With some of those, I’m lucky I survived myself.  Where were all those guys we have today, “for our own protection,” when I was growing up?

I have always looked at “telling stories” as a sacred duty.  I think it is an responsibility of a story teller to honor the originator of a story by telling it exactly as it is heard; without embellishment or judgement.

This being said, I know that over time, our perceptions change.  However, in this ‘blog’ I will do my very best to repeat a story as I remember it told by the originator.  Any errors are mine.  Any errors pointed out to me will be changed, or the ‘reported of the error’ blocked from my blog (lol).

On occasion, I have been known to “embellish” a story on my own.  If 400 knots in a story is exciting, think what 500 knots would be like!  Here I will throttle back a bit, and tell them as I recall them…

Some of the stories told here, at LonelyPilotBob.com, are just too ‘precious’ to be lost… Please feel free to contribute, or to give me a reminder of one you might have for us.

When I was in school (high school and college) I did not take any writing courses.  I was afraid that ‘you’ might laugh at me… so I became “the class clown,” to make you laugh!  I also thought that what I had to say didn’t matter.  Not any more folks.  Using something Bev N. gave me, “What others think of me is none of my business,” I am going to write to my heart’s content!  And tell stories that I have saved for years.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  They are my most sacred treasures; you are my most sacred treasures – and this ‘blog’ is my gift to you… Cheers!


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