Oh, Pull It Alice!

I was northbound on Eber Road yesterday around 0915 or so.  Just approaching Alt. 20 I caught a ‘flash’ in my left 11 o’clock position, slightly high.  An F-16 in a right-hand break.  My first impression was, he was “lollygagging.”  “Oh, pull it Alice,” I thought to myself.  I then pulled back the sunroof so I could watch him a little longer.  I still like watching’ ’em fly…

He soon was out of sight, but I thought to myself, “If I time it right, and he does a low approach, I might be able to catch him just before ‘the pull’ – the pull up to the closed pattern.”  My timing was spot on!  Just as I was about to cross the Ohio turnpike, I glanced back to my left 7 o’clock and here he came.  He was just above the runway, laying on the ‘smash!’  Shit Hot, Kid!  As he approached the departure end of the runway, the nose smartly transitioned into the vertical followed immediately by a crisp right roll – and up he went.  Sweet!  I wonder if ‘Alice’ heard me?

Things like that can still get my blood boiling.  I had to call someone, so I called Marty Miller.  As it was, Mart was sitting in the cockpit of a 767 in Portland, just about ready to “punch buttons” himself.  I quickly shared what I had witnessed with him, knowing he had to go soon… “One last thing Mart,” I offered before we signed off, “I never flew an ILS in a B-757, or anything else at the airlines, then “high-fived” the Captain upon landing!”  And we both broke into laughter, knowing exactly what I meant!

I know riding in one of those today would kick my ass – but I can still dream, just as I did as a kid!

…and, no one can take that from me…

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