My Sense of Humor…

I have developed my sense of humor since I was a kid.  I enjoy seeing people laugh.  I have always had a “quick mind;” sometimes too quick for my own good.  Growing up I idolized the humor of Red Skelton, Dean Martin, and Jackie Gleason.  In later years I was drawn to Johnny Carson, Robin Williams, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.  I don’t know if there’s anyone out there today who really catches my attention…

My greatest ‘mentor,’ with respect to humor, was my Uncle Bob (Garrison).  He was one of a kind!  He could make me laugh by saying ‘good morning,’  and he was “quick!”  He could also “spin a yarn” to where you never knew if he was telling you a “story,” or not.  I could listen to him for hours!

One of the last things Uncle Bob did before he passed was, he had to take a physical.  While waiting he turn he noticed an old, “battle-ax,” nasty nurse – ordering people around.  Bob didn’t tolerate nasty folks very well at all.  When it was his turn for lab work, she ordered him into the Men’s Room, telling him she needed a urine sample.  She went on to say, “You’ll find the cups on a tray,” in a somewhat condescending tone.

Uncle Bob went into the Men’s room, found the tray, and filled 8 or 9 cups.  Then he came out, with the tray, and told the nurse, “I’m sorry, I could only fill 8 or 9 of the cups.  I tried very hard to fill ’em all, but this is the best I cold do!”  It’s a wonder he didn’t spill the tray all over her.  I don’t know how he kept from laughing himself!

Now, every time I go into a doctor’s office, I’m prepared!

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