David A. Maass, square black nails, and Joe

I wouldn’t have a clue who David A. Maass is – but he sure as hell puts out a great can!  I have 3 of his cans, with pheasants on them.  The pheasants are in early flight, with an old barn behind them.  The scene looks like it is in the Fall.  The cans are just beautiful. 

I had seen them sitting in Joe’s pole barn last summer when we were building his deer stand.  I had made a simple comment about how nice they looked, and then forgot about ’em.  About a week or so after I returned home, they showed up in the mail… go figure!  I then took them out to my shop, knowing I would find a use for them in time.  And this morning, it came to me.

I was out there earlier, working on a couple things and using my square black nails.  I love those nails as they take me back to our pioneer days – a simpler time.  They really add a certain charm to a project.  Anyway, I was pulling them out of the box when I spotted the David A. Maass cans, just sitting there.  Ah ha!  Why not use the cans Joe gave to me for the square black nails?  Done.

I love working in my wood shop.  It’s a “quiet place” for me where I ‘spend time’ with folks as I build things for them; and it’s a time for me to commune with my God.  Now, as I reach for a square black nail, my mind pauses in gratitude for the days I hunted pheasants; for an appreciation for the craftsmanship of the early woodworkers and for a great relationship I have with my friend Joe…

I also am grateful for David A. Maass – for making those cans.     

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