I would much rather face a 7-level North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunner than a “Charlie-Mike” – any day! 

A “Charlie-Mike” is a mother between say, 25 and 38, of a darling little kid who attends the Lial Catholic school just around the corner from me – a ‘Catholic Mom,’ if you will.  In the half-hour before school, until 5 minutes after classes begin, and the 15 minutes before school lets out, until 15 minutes after release, they are lethal!  I put myself in a self-imposed lock-down during those two periods, for my own self preservation.

I was checking the mail one day out by the road when one came by.  Stupid me!  She was in one of those huge SUVs, like the people on welfare drive, and damn-near took me out.  Of course it wasn’t her fault – she was talking on her cell phone!  The fact that no one was coming from the other direction (so she could move over a bit) didn’t even enter her mind – not much else in there either.

On other occasions, before I wised up, I would drive by the school on occasion, during either ‘drop-off’ or ‘pick up’ times.  Dumb!  “Charlie-Mikes” don’t care if anyone is coming or not; they just pull out in front of ya – knowing you will stop for them.  And they have other things to do, don’t ya know.  So, I find it best to hunker down during those periods, and not subject myself to that hazard.  How embarrassing it would be:  To have survived 35 years of flying, only to be taken out by a “Charlie-Mike,” running late and talking on a cell phone…   

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