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This has been around the internet for a while now – I’ve seen it a couple-3 times.  It showed up in my mailbox again just over a week or so ago.  I’m including it in my blog here as I wholeheartedly support General Stroud’s position.     

By BGEN Greg Stroud (Ret)

“Some of you know that I was recently “retired” as the 162 Fighter Wing Commander.

The decision was made by Brig Gen Mike Colangelo, the Arizona Air Commander, who replaced me because he “just wants to change the culture at the 162nd” — not for cause or performance or any other reason.

This officer never commanded anything bigger than an Air Control Squadron, and somehow he wound up in charge.

Heck, the guy probably got beat up in grade school every day.

I think it is indicative of what is happening in our Air Force and reinforces what Bruce MacLennan and the anonymous author have to say below.

Well, I also have something to say about our changing Air Force and it’s quickly disappearing Fighter Pilot culture.

How many scope-dope drone operators does it take to change a light bulb?

Two. One to change the bulb — and one to kiss my ass.

That’s right.  I said kiss my ass — ‘Cause I’ve had it.

The air superiority fighter and its PILOT are not dead and the Chinese are so far not impressed with drones.

I am tired of Fighter Pilots suffering at the hands of all the pencil pushing REMFs and ladder-climbing opportunists and shitty non-rated managers (who think they are leaders) just because the Air Force is currently more interested in ‘feelings’ and sexual orientation than fighting.

Not all officers have what it takes to lead warriors, yet too many of them are in charge in our military.  At this rate we may lose the next real war.

These shit-bird officers need to be run out of leadership positions and get out of my face already.

We have too many people in our military that feel the need to play political victim and go to court instead of just dealing with it themselves.  No one can have any kind of fun anymore.

Men and women can’t flirt, hug, look at anyone sideways, or drink beer out of mermaid mug because of you “victims” and your lawyers.

Are you happy?

And while I’m at it, Fighter Pilots, who are willing to die so that we can have low prices at the gas pump and shop at the mall, should be able to throw the wildest parties they can manage without one uptight biddy coming in and stopping it.

There were scads of women at The ‘91 Tailhook party who were having the time of their lives, voluntarily being just as debauched as any of the men were.

Everyone who flew a plane, or even knew someone who flew a plane, knew how wild those parties were and what went on.

What does our society expect — a prayer service?

It’s worse now than it was then.

”Victims” need to just throw some punches of their own whenever guys, gals, lesbos, or homos get out of line.

Doesn’t our tax money go to teach all of our military how to fight?

I’m not trying to make the idiotic “she had it coming” argument here, which would go something like “of course they grabbed her breasts, look how big they are.”

Plus, just reaching out and grabbing some boob is wrong no matter what.

When I was at Tailhook, even at our most drunken admin parties we never acted like that.

No matter how hard I try I can’t think of an excuse good enough to do something like that. But it’s still nothing to lose a career over or get your panties in a wad.

Besides, Fighter Pilots are supposed to be aggressive assholes.  That’s how we used to train them.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a military of Fighter Pilots who are gifted at giving sensitivity seminars.

I want mad-dog, rabid killers going to battle for me and mine.  Man or woman.

When our homeland is threatened by Middle-Eastern Muslim radicals, or when we want to force our form of government on some poor, unsuspecting poppy growing shit hole, or when uppity North Korean despots develop nuke weapons, I want to be able to call on men and women who like to fight and drink.

I want an officer who knows how to whack some drunk in the balls when he grabs her tits, not call a press conference and a lawyer.

If you’re a wimp who doesn’t know how to find the exit at a rowdy party, go fly a kite — not a jet fighter.

Fighter Pilot should always be capitalized because it is a hard-earned title.  So there!

Perhaps it’s time for me to retire.

Greg “Mongo” Stroud”

I totally stand behind “Mongo!”

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