A “Threat to Our Nation?”

 This is a “Christmas card” sample I received in July 2011.  Kinda neat…

I have a couple of grandsons; and a mind that won’t stop.  I also have a daughter-in-law who is a photographer at an Air National Guard base.  Ya see where I’m goin’ folks?  It ain’t hard…

Shortly after I received the card, I was over at my son’s for a birthday party.  I took the card with me and when the opportunity presented itself, I asked my daughter-in-law if I might take the boys out to the flightline for a similar shot.  Before I could get the words out of my mouth, she began shaking her head.  I hate that…when I get ‘cut off at the knees’.  Regardless, I continued… but it soon became evident to me that I was “pissin’ in the wind.”

Beth went on to explain that it was now explicitly forbidden to photograph friends or family – almost anyone – on the flightline these days.  In the interest of “national security,” of course.   

What are these “minions,” who now have the stewardship of our country, thinking?  I can’t imagine anyone, like the fella depicted on the card above, as a “threat” to our nation.  Probably the last guy, maybe… nah, even that doesn’t make sense.

Then came the argument; “If we do it for you, then we would have to do it for everyone.”   Oh bullshit!  Unless you have worn wings on your chest, you don’t “deserve” to walk on the flightline with your grandkids, as depicted on this card.  I would not even allow one of the minions setting this “policy” to carry my empty helmet bag – even in retirement!  

It seems like we are seeing more and more of this “crap!”  And, we profess to be a nation of liberties and freedoms?  Bullshit!  We are losing our liberties, and our freedoms every day…

A grandfather with 5200 hours of Air Force flying, and two grandkids – a “threat to our nation?”  Bullshit!


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