Time for a ‘time out’ here with my usual blogging… I have heard enough about ‘islamophobia.’  Every time I hear it, it’s as if the term is being used to suppress my thought for the ideas of others – specifically, muslims.  And I will have no more of it.

I accept muslims in this country, because (essentially) I have to.  Simple as this.  I don’t have to associate with them, if I chose not to.  

It seems as if we, as a nation, have become so afraid of ‘offending a muslim” that we jump through our collective asses so as not to.  Crap!  I am more than willing to accept and respect their culture and customs – but not at the expense of my values and morals.  Again, just this simple. 

In all the years I visited foreign countries, I never demanded ‘this or that’ of the host peoples.  Quite the contrary – I went out of my way to learn their customs and cultures so as to ‘blend in’ – I demanded nothing.  

So, if I ‘inadvertently’ offend a muslim with my behavior, or beliefs, tough shit.  Put on your ‘big boy’ keffiyehs, and shut up…  I’m tired of hearing – ‘islamophobia!’  

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