Kidney Stones..

Okay; ‘kidney stones.’  Yep, had one last Dec.  When I first went to the urologist’s, I had to look twice at the office marquee – at first I thought I had inadvertently stumbled into a conference room at the United Nations.  I eventually found a name that contained the same letters I had on my referral slip – and, in the same order – so in I went!

The urologist was actually not a bad ‘kid,’ 30, maybe 32.  And, he actually spoke English w/o an accent (bonus).  Now, if I can just get him to stop calling me “Buddy!”  He began that right from the git-go…

Medical folks these days all seem to have iPads.  That’s nice, but every once in a while, eye contact might be nice.  I left my iPad in the car so I could talk with him… Next time I’ll bring mine in, and we can sit there together, texting each other!

Monday I had a follow-up appointment with “Slick;” my moniker for the kid.  “Slick and Buddy;” kinda has a nice ring to it, for a couple ‘pals!’

While staring at his iPad, “Slick” asked, “How do you pee?”  There was the ‘opening’ I had been waiting for, and I went through it!  “Standing up, right handed,”  I replied.  That brought him up from his iPad!  “I kinda asked for that, didn’t I?” he acknowledged.  I just grinned at him…

About this time he received a phone call on his cell.  “I’ve got to take this,” he said.  “Of course you do,” I replied to no one in particular.  Damn, I wished I had brought in my iPad – could have played “Angry Birds.”

The appointment ended soon thereafter.  He was still ‘kinda’ on his cell phone, and talking to me – so as I walked out, I said, “Love you.”   Almost had him replying “Love you too…!” But he caught himself just after “Love” came out… damn!


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